Dear stalkers followers, I have an important announcement, please read. Yesterday I was ten hours at the hospital with my grandma, and I’m very tired, I got home and that makes me very tired, when I got home, I went straight to sleep. Today on my lunch break, again I will stay a while with my grandma until someone else arrives. At night, I’m going with my boyfriend to his mother’s house, which I don’t see nearly or more than three months and she’s missing the son. Wednesday I will be there too and that’s why I’m not allowed in here. I’ll be back Thursday, but I don’t know what time, probably in the afternoon, so who do I have to answer, I’ll answer, but only on Thursday. I hope you can wait until then. ♥ I will be looking at tumblr from the hospital, and who wants to talk to me, I’ll be on my other tumblr there. Who want my WhatsApp, just send me the number I’m going to add it. 

Today I’m not in the mood to answer my roleplays. Tomorrow I go in the hospital early to trade places with my mother. And I am hungry and no one want to buy my Burger. It’s raining, it’s cold, and I have no coat to walk in home. And if anyone wants to chat with me openly, come here. I post reviews, comments, pointless conversations. 

Your muse and mun current mood ;;



Olá! Gostaria de turnar? Posso fazer um turno agora mesmo.


                      ╰╭✿ Whaaaay~ Olá. É claro que eu gostaria. <3 Apenas coloque minha tag, que irei responder assim que puder. Vou visitar minha avó agora no hospital, quando eu voltar, eu irei responder sem dúvidas. Respondendo em aberto, porque o tumblr está de sacanagem comigo. :c e come minhas ask’s

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A girl’s reaction when her crush is calling >.-