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Watching waiting. Thats all I ever do.

                          ❛✿∙∙∙﹅ “….”


Soushi had messed up…and he knew it deep down. Just leaving so suddenly..without a word. How could he have done that to her..? To someone he had cared so much about. As he scrolled through pages of missed calls and texts from his Ririchiyo-sama, which had stopped quite some time ago..He sighed deeply and sadly as he finally gazed upon the building where he had once lived and served happily as a bodyguard.


His eyes scanned the building looking for her room, finding it almost instantly. He held his breath slightly noticing the light in her room, dim through the curtains..but still on at this hour. She never use to be up this late..not that he was aware of….He didn’t know why he had came back to Ayakashi-kan. After leaving he told himself he’d never be back. Soushi thought his presence there was harming her more than helping her, so being the coward he was he just up and left. Never to wake her up with breakfast..or her favorite coffee. It saddened him to leave, but he felt he had to do it for her. He knew seeing her again would just make her even more sad and angry. Yet he still couldn’t bring himself away from the thought of seeing her.

Before he realized it he was at the door of the building heading in, he could turn back if he wanted, his brain was telling him that he should, but his heart would not deny his brain any reprieve and soon enough he was at the elevator getting off onto her floor..standing in her doorway. 


He said almost breathlessly as he caught a faint whiff of her perfume she wore. He held his breath for what seemed like forever before slowly and softly tapping on the door two times. Hoping that  maybe it’d be faint enough she couldn’t hear it. That way he would have an excuse to leave without seeing her again, trying to convince himself that she wasn’t there. Even though he knew deep in his heart…she was. He sighed again softly…”I truly am a coward” He thought to himself. 

             ◞✿:ᘘ Still leaning on the soft pillows on her bed, her hands holding the black box which contained an important recollection of her childhood. All the letters that she had exchanged with her agent, now, were all on her lap, rereading, suffering alone and silent, feeling hate ─ without understanding why. Why the fox left without news. Not even a word for it, not even their call. Not even answered one of the millions of text messages she sent every day. Worried and desperate.

              How long had since the last tear shed? When was her last thought about the fox? Every night she expected, every morning there was a hope that he would still be at her doorstep waiting like a dog obedient, waiting to die for her─ Waiting.

              ❝ Miketsukami-kun… ❞ she whispered while one or two tears rolled down by her pale skin. With the disappearance of her agent, when he disappeared, something had changed. Even knowing the fallen angel, even though he’s doing-the company in many moments, Hajime was not him. Although both were alike in almost every way, each was special in some way, which became more difficult to understand to whom she was really in love. Why have you left me? ❞ Were questions on which only he could answer.

              Leaving aside the box and the cards in hand, the petite youkai put both feet on the wooden floor to finally be able to take one of her long and time-consuming baths, when two simple beats were heard. Subtle beats someone who probably would be Karuta looking for candys, or Hajime wanting to spend some time with her, even discuss about Sayomi. And slowly she walked to open the door.

              Tall, pale and the eyes of two colors that always drew attention was standing in front of the door. Her most missing dog, now, back in her door with an affection that she only turns once.❝ Mi──ketsukami─kun… ❞ she whispered in surprise.

❛Winter is◞ coming∙∙∙? │ OPEN

             ◞✿:ᘘ  Cold. It was what he could say about that early afternoon. Her long hair was loose as usual, and the girl deeply regretted not to have picked up something to wrap up. Her overcoat white helped very little, after all, the first snowflakes were just starting to fall slowly, along that path. Her body seemed to weigh in and her throat began to irritate the dryness. I can’t … That way I won’t get up.  Whispered to nothingness.

             The path was covered by trees, which were now without leaves, almost lifeless during winter. There was a small coffee house near where I was, that she had never been so happy to see a place like that. The place was new and some people had not yet had a chance to get there. There was still time before going home, he didn’t have to be worried about her. There was time and that place was calling, almost like the persuading.

             Sitting next to the window and with a good cup of coffee in hand, Shirakiin can finally relax a little. Had a good time when didn’t have a moment to herself. All she did was study and handle the sick parties of Kagerou in recent weeks. Distracted watching the time pass and the snowflakes fall, the small and thin fingers slipped on the white porcelain cup on the wooden table. ❝ Maybe .. she whispered to herself. 

I don’t want to lose you. │ Hajime and Ririchiyo



ᘡ:✿ She was feeling so ── so pathetic and stupid by ─ be crying on top of the man. She had shown a weakness to it. One thing she didn’t want to show: tears. After all, she always treated so rude, even minutes ago, for now, being there. Crying as he watched the pathetic form of Angel lying on the floor. Why he had to leave it like that? Why had to be Hajime? Why had to be fair to the man, she would show his tears?

The youkai really couldn’t understand. At least never managed to understand, because he always followed. Even when she asked something about his past, the man did not hesitate to talk about. In the end, she could not understand.

The words that she had said, were still echoing in his mind. Those words so shameful had come out of his mouth without thinking. But, was a truth in which she did not want to have to admit. Ririchiyo didn’t wanted to lose him that way. In no way actually. Hajime could be many things on his vision, but one of them, for some unknown reason, he made her feel better. Well somehow.

The fear of losing him was great. And, the little girl would never forgive him if he leave her that way.

Just to think that he could die in that place, her body shuddered as more tears streamed down his face. Shirakiin could not help. Rain and tears mingled every second, not knowing what was actually a tear or raindrops.

His guard was totally unprotected. His body trembled as she cried. Fear and trembling by icy rain drops falling on his back. The thought of letting Hajime there … even Sayomi was──

“y-you shouldn’t Cry over a fool like me”

Ririchiyo knew it. She didn’t need to worry about two idiots that way. Risk your life to someone who didn’t know in less than two months. What she was thinking? “I know …” she murmured while the tears continued to fall.

With eyes full of tears, the girl had not noticed the fallen touch approach. The hand on his cheek showed affection for the girl. Even more, when he wiped the tears near their eyes. The little youkai refused to look into those eyes again. At least, not now. The next action of it, certainly, had the left even more embarrassed than she already was.


His face now was about the chest of Hajime. She could hear the Angel heart pulsing within the body of the fallen. Not very different from the girl. Although he was feeling relieved to know that the heart was still beating, she knew that the man was in terrible condition. “What you──”

“I shouldn’t make someone like you worry about a fool like me.”

He really was an idiot? Anyone would bother to see him that way. If he did not want to worry her ─ in the first place, it wouldn’t make the idiocy that had done. As usual, Ririchiyo thought to say something about it, but really there was courage. Not in that situation. His cheeks again won a new color with the touch of the fallen angel. One hand that rested on the floor, slowly, if it redirected to the man’s chest, trying to gently moving away from him. Anyway, she did not have the courage to push him. Not now. Not at that moment. For some reason, she needed that. All the arrogance that she had somehow been away. Needed at least, feel that affection.


The same hand that was about the chest of Hajime slowly fell down the side of her body, leaving her small delicate hand and grab a piece of the shirt that he wore, a little above the waist of the man. It wasn’t a hug, but she didn’t she walked away.

She is not allowed to stay in that State for a long time. They needed to get out there. After a while, she walked away slowly, wiping away the tears. “We need to get out of here, before they come back!” his tone of voice was serious. It was obvious to them both, that the girl could not load it. “Can you walk?”


~Breathing seemed hard at the moment, harder than he shoulder be having at this point in time. His mind was somewhere else when he held the Youkai in his arms. His body was there, he could feel everything she was doing. From the Feeling of her hand against his chest to it moving into a half hug against his side. He felt it all but he was not there.

No instead he was somewhere inside of his mind, where he had not been in a very very long time. His head running the thoughts he would not every saw himself.

"You care for her more than you say you do"
You don’t want to lose her do you.”
"She has feelings for her agent you know?"
"But you see how she is starting to show you more?"


"Just Shut up…." He already knew a lot of what they were going to say. These were thoughts he pushed far back in his mind. Far back into the darkness. And here he was walking through it to the very depths. Till He came to a Door. Looking at the door he sighed a bit and shook his head. "Come Out. I know you are guarding this door…. Sayomi."


The Girl slowly came out from behind door. Instead of sharing his looks, her hair was a bright white. Reaching down to the middle of her back and having a small tail at the end there. Her eyes glowed a very bright golden color a fox tail of her own showing as she held her hands behind her. “So you remember me now do you? Hajime now am I right?”


""Only a bit." He closed his eyes and sighed a bit looking up at the Door and tilting his head. "This is what I forgot right?" She nodded slightly and smiled. "Yes. Do you want me to Open it for you?" He shook his head closing his eyes. "No not at the moment." He looked at her and tilted his head to the side. "Guard this well please. And Ririchiyo when I can’t. I should get back, I can feel her moving away from me." She nodded and waved as Hajime came back to Reality in time to see Ririchiyo get up and start to walk away. With a nod he stood up and closed his eyes walking after her with a smile. "Yes, I can walk. And you are right. I Can feel them. They are coming to make sure that I am dead which…" He thought about that for a moment and smiled softly.

"Before I go There is something I need to do." He walked over to the house and looked at the building. There, his eyes Glowed bright his hands held out at his back as a dark glow came and he tensed in pain as a set of pitch black wings unfolded from his body. From there he closed his eyes tighter and with a pull he tore his wings from his body falling to the ground in pain but not making a single word as he burned them slightly and dropped them int he ruins.

Taking a breath and trying to relax he walked back over to her, staggering as his blood and power waned about without his wings. “With this… They will think I am dead for good.” He smiled and staggered a bit more falling against the small frame of the Youkai. “Can we go home….”



        Most people would call me a

                      [ monster ],

            but all I'm trying to do is

                           [ forget ] the past.

                    Now tell me,

               is there anything

                  [ wrong ]

                         with that?

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the nine-tailed spirit fox

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